Hamilton City Council (Ontario)

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Hamilton City Council
Coat of arms or logo
Unicameral city council
Established2000 ("New" City of Hamilton)
1973 (Region of Hamilton-Wentworth)
1847 (City of Hamilton)
Andrea Horwath
since November 15th 2022
Chair of Council
Seats15 plus Mayor
Length of term
4 years
Salary$184,662.66 (Mayor)
$97,357.26 (Councillor)[1]
Last election
October 24, 2022
(15 seats)
Next election
October 26, 2026
(15 seats)
Meeting place
Council Chamber
Hamilton City Hall
Hamilton, Ontario

Hamilton City Council is the governing body of the City of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Since 21 November 1960, Council has met at Hamilton City Hall at 71 Main Street West.[2]

The current council consists of the mayor plus fifteen councillors, one elected from each of the city's wards. The incumbent council was elected in a Hamilton municipal election on October 24, 2022.

Council members[edit]

Hamilton City Councils Post Amalgamation (2000–present)[edit]

Hamilton City Councillors
Council Election Mayor Ward 1 Ward 2 Ward 3 Ward 4 Ward 5 Ward 6 Ward 7 Ward 8 Ward 9 Ward 10 Ward 11 Ward 12 Ward 13 Ward 14 Ward 15
2022-2026 2022 Andrea Horwath Maureen Wilson Cameron Kroetsch Nrinder Nann Tammy Hwang Matt Francis Tom Jackson Esther Pauls John-Paul Danko Brad Clark Jeff Beattie Mark Tadeson Craig Cassar Alex Wilson Mike Spadafora Ted McMeekin
2018–2022 2018 Fred Eisenberger Jason Farr Sam Merulla Russ Powers (from 2021)
Chad Collins
Maria Pearson Brenda Johnson Lloyd Ferguson Arlene VanderBeek Terry Whitehead Judi Partridge
Ward Boundary Redistribution
2014–2018 2014 Fred Eisenberger Aidan Johnson Jason Farr Matthew Green Sam Merulla Chad Collins Tom Jackson Terry Anderson (2018)
Donna Skelly
Scott Duvall
Terry Whitehead Doug Connely Maria Pearson Brenda Johnson Lloyd Ferguson Arlene VanderBeek Robert Patsuta Judi Partridge
2010–2014 2010 Bob Bratina Brian McHattie Bob Morrow
Bernie Morelli
Scott Duvall Brad Clark Russ Powers
2006–2010 2006 Fred Eisenberger Bob Bratina Bernie Morelli David Mitchell Margaret McCarthy
2003–2006 2003 Larry Di Ianni Bob Bratina
(from 2004)
Andrea Horwath
Bill Kelly Phil Bruckler Murray Ferguson Art Samson
(from 2004)
Russ Powers
(2003- 2004)
Dave Braden
2000–2003 2000 Bob Wade Marvin Caplan Andrea Horwath Frank D'Amico Anne Bain Larry Di Ianni Russ Powers

Hamilton City Councils Post Board of Control (1980–2000)[edit]

Hamilton City Councillors
Council Election Mayor Ward 1 Ward 2 Ward 3 Ward 4 Ward 5 Ward 6 Ward 7 Ward 8
1997–2000 1997 Bob Morrow Mary Kiss Marvin Caplan Andrea Horwath Ron Corsini Bernie Morelli Dennis Haining Dave Wilson Geraldine Copps Chad Collins Fred Eisenberger Tom Jackson Bob Charters Terry Anderson Bill Kelly Frank D'Amico Duke O'Sullivan
1994–1997 1994 Vince Agro Bill McCulloch Don Drury Chad Collins
(from 1995)
Dominic Agostino
(to 1995)
Henry Merling Don Ross
1991–1994 1991 Terry Cooke Dominic Agostino
1988–1991 1988 Brian Hinkley David Christopherson Fred Lombardo Vince Formosi
(from 1990)
John Smith
(to 1990)
John Gallagher Tom Murray
1985–1988 1985 Pat Valeriano Shirley Collins Reg Wheeler John Smith Paul Cowell
Ward Boundary Redistribution
1982–1985 1982 Bob Morrow Mary Kiss Peter Peterson Vince Agro Bill McCulloch Brian Hinkley Mike Davison Don Gray Vince Scott Shirley Collins Fred Lombardo Ian Stout Paul Cowell Bruce Charlton Henry Merling Tom Murray Jim Bethune
1980–1982 1980 Bill Powell Paul Drage Pat Valeriano David Lawrence Reg Wheeler Jim Bethune Ken Edge James MacDonald

Hamilton City Councils and Boards of Control (1910–1980)[edit]

Hamilton City Councillors

Council Election Mayor Board of Control Ward 1 Ward 2 Ward 3 Ward 4 Ward 5 Ward 6 Ward 7 Ward 8
1978–1980 1978 Jack MacDonald Bob Morrow Jim Bethune Vince Agro Pat Valeriano Kay Drage Peter Peterson Ed Fisher Bill McCulloch Pat Ford Brian Hinkley Don Gray Dave Lawrence Fred Lombardo Reg Wheeler Olive Ritchie Jim Stowe Ted McMeekin Henry Merling Ken Edge James MacDonald
1976–1978 1976 Ian Stout Dennis Carson
1973–1976 1973 Vince Agro
(from 1976)
Victor Copps
(to 1976)
Vince Agro Jim Campbell Kay Drage
(by-election victor)
Reg Swanborough
(died in office)
Charles Cupido Pat Valeriano Ian Stout Bill Scandlan
1972–1973 1972 Victor Copps Anne Jones Jim Custeau Reg Swanborough Vince Agro Jim Kern
1970–1972 1970 Herman Turkstra Jim Campbell Bob Morrow Malcolm (Mac) Cline Aldo Poloniato Jim Custeau Robert Ford Bill Scandlan
Ward Boundary Redistribution
Council Election Mayor Board of Control Ward 1 Ward 2 Ward 3 Ward 4 Ward 5 Ward 6 Ward 7 Ward 8
1968–1970 1968 Victor Copps Anne Jones Jim Campbell Jack MacDonald Bill Foley Bob Morrow Jim McKeon Vince Agro Bill McCulloch Aldo Poloniato Bill Scandlan Joseph Kostyk Bill Powell Jim Custeau Dave Lawrence Reg Wheeler Fred Whitehouse Jim Stowe Robert Ford Jim Bethune James MacDonald
1966–1968 1966 Malcolm (Mac) Cline Thomas Doyle Stanley Dudzic John Smith
1964–1966 1964 Archie McCoy Brian Morison Leslie Parker Anne Jones Bill McCulloch Bill Foley
1962–1964 1962 Ada Pritchard Sam Parker Frank Dillon Joseph Macaluso Hugh Brown Joseph Lanza Jack McLaren
1960–1962 1960 Lloyd Jackson Jack MacDonald Victor Copps Ross Fischer John Munro Joseph Kostyk Jim Campbell Brian Morison
Ward Boundary Redistribution
Council Election Mayor Board of Control Ward 1 Ward 2 Ward 3 Ward 4 Ward 5 Ward 6 Ward 7 Ward 8
1958-1960 1958 Lloyd Jackson Archie McCoy Ada Pritchard Jack MacDonald Sam Parker Jack McLaren Bill Thompson John Munro Hugh Brown Ramsey Evans Margaret Standen Ross Fischer Malcolm (Mac) Cline Frank Dillon Fred Partridge Joseph Lanza James Murdock Dave Lawrence Fred Whitehouse Brian Morison Ray Edwards
1956-1958 1956 Samuel Baggs Joseph Dubeck
(From June, 1958)
Roy Aindow
(To June, 1958)
David Duncan Malcolm Heddle Dave Lawrence Ken Crockett
1954-1956 1954 Samuel Lawrence Jack MacDonald Bill Thompson Roy Aindow Charles McCabe Archie McCoy William Harris
1953-1954 1953 Samuel Baggs John Lewington Marvin Farewell Ada Pritchard
1952-1953 1952 George Shaver Robert Purnell Fred Partridge Bill Walsh
1951-1952 1951 Henry Arnott Hicks Russell Reinke Charles McCabe Jack MacDonald Lewis Ross Ed Crockett
1950-1951 1950 William Warrender Samuel Baggs Roy Aindow John Hancox
Ward Boundary Redistribution
Council Election Mayor Board of Control Ward 1 Ward 2 Ward 3 Ward 4 Ward 5 Ward 6 Ward 7 Ward 8
1949-1950 1949 Lloyd Jackson Ellen Fairclough William Warrender Henry Arnott Hicks Sam Parker Bessie Hughton Ken Crockett Charles McCabe Hugh Brown Warren Laird Jennings Samuel Baggs Robert Purnell Malcolm (Mac) Cline Doug Gordon Fred Partridge Malcolm Heddle John Hodgson Fred Hayward Jack MacDonald Roy Aindow Russell Reinke
1948-1949 1948 Sam Lawrence Andy Frame Hugh McIntyre Walter Chadwick Henry Arnott Hicks William Warrender Ellen Fairclough Peter McCulloch Frank Dillon Peter Dunlop James Newell
1947-1948 1947 John Stewart Thomas Marshall Joseph Easton
1946-1947 1946 Nora-Frances Henderson Helen Anderson-Coulson Sam Parker Warren Laird Jennings Fred Partridge
1945-1946 1945 Donald Clarke William Weir Herbert Hannah Ellen Fairclough
(appointed 1945)
Herbert Smye
(resigned 1945)
Thomas Marshall Doug Gordon Helen Anderson-Coulson
1944-1945 1944 Hugh McIntyre Robert Elliott Vernon Knowles Herbert Smye Peter McCulloch
1943-1944 1943 Walter Chadwick William McFarland Harry Hunter
1942-1943 1942 William Morrison Sam Lawrence Donald Clarke Sam Parker Robert Evans Sam Clarke Roy Aindow
1941-1942 1941 Andy Frame Walter Chadwick William Warrender Hugh McIntyre Robert Thornberry William Weir Sam Clarke Robert Elliott
1940-1941 1940 William Kennedy Archie Burton
1939-1940 1939 Robert Inch James Phin Thomas White Harry Hunter
1938-1939 1938 Beamer Hopkins Freeman Treleaven Hugh McIntyre Alexander Nelligan Donald Clarke Roy Aindow
Agnes Sharpe
1937-1938 1937 Andy Frame Orville Walsh Beamer Hopkins Archie Burton Agnes Sharpe
1936-1937 1936 Donald McFarlane John Marsh
1935-1936 1935 Sam Nelson William Ainslie
1934-1935 1934 Herbert Wilton Septimus Stuart DuMoulin Franklin Turville William Fick George Hancock Arthur Davidson Thomas Lewington William Harrison
1933-1934 1933 Sam Lawrence Nora-Frances Henderson Thomas Gallagher Charles Aitchison Archie Pollock Andy Frame Sam Clarke John Mitchell James Reed
1932-1933 1932 John Peebles Sam Lawrence Andy Gaul Charles Aitchison Archie Pollock Sam Clarke John Mitchell James Reed
1931-1932 1931 John Bell Sam Manson Septimus Stuart DuMoulin William Hutton Austin Macauley Charles Aitchison John Sherring Archie Burton William Dean
Ward Boundary Redistribution
Council Election Mayor Board of Control Ward 1 Ward 2 Ward 3 Ward 4 Ward 5 Ward 6 Ward 7 Ward 8
  Ran as a CCF candidate
  Ran as a NDP candidate[3]
  Ran as a Labour or Labour's Voice candidate
  Ran as a ILP candidate
  Ran as a Conservative Party candidate
  Ran as a Liberal Party candidate


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